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Quality At East India:

EIUL is a self sufficient unit that manufacturers most of the components that are required for manufacture of Transformers.

As part of its expansion and backward integration project, a lamination processing plant along with facilities for sheet metal fabrication of Transformers, tanks pressed steel Radiators and Transformer oil Refinery have been established – in house.

Quality is what sets us apart from the rest. The company has a complete quality assurance program which is designed as per requirements to cover all aspect of design, procurement, incoming material inspection, inventorying of components, in process inspection, product testing, packing, dispatch, and after sales service. EIU, an ISO: 9001 Certified Company since May2000, was upgraded to ISO-9001-2000 in February, 2003 from DLIQ-Certification India (P) Ltd, an accreditation body of JAS-ANZ vide Certification No.2497.

The Right design:

There is an incessant pursuit to design and develop transformers that effectively trim down line cost and line loss and improve the quality and reliability of the electrical supply systems. For the purpose, EIU, along with using conventional drawing methods, also uses the latest CAD (computer aided designing) software. Before finalizing the design, it is ensured that it meets manifold requirements like customers specifications, short circuit and high voltage withstand requirements, ease of erection and maintenance, and all designs in addition to performance checks are subjected to appraisal to attain high reliability not only in service but also as transformers progress through manufacturing and test.

Tested & Trusted:

High exactitude test equipment is used to test each and every end product as per the norms and systems approved by organizations with worldwide recognition for quality control. Apart from section wise testing of components and sub assemblies, the fully assembled transformer undergoes all routine tests as per applicable standards in EIUs well-equipped laboratory. Special tests like heat run are also conducted on a prototype of every lot. Other unique tests like Impulse test, Dynamic and Thermal Short circuit test are conducted at prominent autonomous laboratories like Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), Bhopal/ Bangalore/Muradnagar ; ERDA; Vadodara; NTH etc.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance Program

At EIUL, great emphasis is placed for high quality products and exemplary service in order to satisfy ever increasing customer demands.

Well Established Quality Control System

To achieve the above objective, a comprehensive Quality Assurance system been established at EIUL. This covers all aspects of Design, Procurement, production, Inspection and Testing performance and Reliability of “ETS” Transformers.

EIUL values the principles of TQM and has a well defined system in place for all activities like manufacturing, procurement of material, vendor evaluation, stores & inventory control, testing of semi finished/finished products, calibration, addressing customer complaints, marketing and management review.

Today EIUL is proud to be ISO:9001:2000 Certified organization.

Testing & Trails

Rigorous Routine and type Tests are conducted in presence of Customer’s Representatives.

Routine Tests:

After passing through a series of rigorous quality checks at various stages, all Transformers are subjected to Routine tests as specified in IS/IEC standards in our well equipped laboratory. All results of Routine Tests are recorded and mantained.

Type Tests:

Besides Routine Tests, one Transformer of each rating is subjected to following type tests at our works:

  • Air pressure test
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Vacuum Test
  • Unbalanced Current Test
  • Zero Sequence Impedance Test
  • Acoustics Level Test

Other type Tests & special Tests: EIUL’s transformers have also been subjected to the following Type Tests for Design Verification at an independent Government approved Laboratory:

  • Capacitance & Tan Delta Test On Winding
  • Impulse test
  • Short circuit Test

More than 120 nos. of EIUL’s transformers up to 10 MVA rating have withstood Short Circuit Test (Thermal/Dynamic Ability) at CPRI, Bhopal and Bangalore & ERDA, Vadodara. About 235 nos. of transformers of rating up to 10 MVA manufactured by EIU have also passed impulse Voltage withstand Test at CPRI, Bhopal, Bangalore, Muradnagar, ERDA, Vadodara and N.T.H., Ghaziabad, Jadavpur University, Govt. Engg.College, Jabalpur/Chennai.

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